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Types of Scaffolding


Quality Australian scaffolds in Port Macquarie

Here at Triple S Scaffolding, we have a variety of different scaffolds available for hire throughout Port Macquarie and the surrounds. This variety gives you greater flexibility and choice when deciding which scaffold is right for your needs.
While all of our scaffolding is of the highest quality, there is a difference in their use and selecting the right kind can help speed your project along. Browse below to find out more about the different types of scaffolding we have available for hire. If you're ready to start, contact our office.
Steel Scaffolding - scaffolding in Port Macquarie, NSW

Steel Scaffolding

Steel scaffolding is often regarded as the strongest and most durable type of scaffold on the market. Able to withstand high winds and heavy rainfall, steel scaffolds are a fantastic choice for commercial or industrial construction projects.
It is highly reusable and comes with several safety features, including safety lines, decking, insulation provisions and other supplies.
Best of all, steel has an incredibly long lifespan which, combined with its simple construction and deconstruction process, makes it the perfect choice for long-term projects.
Contact us today to find out more about our steel scaffolding.

Aluminium Scaffolding

A lightweight alternative to steel, aluminium scaffolding is a quick, simple solution that often requires no welding or strenuous erecting and dismantling.
At Triple S Scaffolding, we provide a number of smaller aluminium scaffolding options, including stairs, towers and limited access products. We even have scaffolds that have wheels for simple transport around the worksite.
Ready to hire aluminium scaffolding for your next project? Call us today to get a quote.
Aluminium Scaffolding - scaffolding in Port Macquarie, NSW
Tube Scaffolding - scaffolding in Port Macquarie, NSW

Tube & Fit Scaffolding

For odd-shaped or complex building projects, nothing compares to tube & fit scaffolding. Highly customisable with a complete selection of fittings, boards and accessories available, this scaffold is ideal for architecturally-challenging constructions and renovations.
Tube & fit scaffolding is available in both aluminium and steel, giving you a complete range of choice when it comes to durability, weight, price and lifespan.
There's very little tube & fit scaffolding can't do. Call our Port Macquarie office to get a quote on affordable scaffolding hire today.

Kwikstage Scaffolding

The most popular style in Australia, kwikstage scaffolding is a fully modular system that is quick to set-up and dismantle. This easy-to-build system means you'll save money by not having to wait weeks for scaffolding to be set-up.
There are dozens of ways to make use of kwikstage scaffolding and many of the components can be integrated with steel, aluminium or tube & fit scaffolding, making it perfect for basically every project.
Get your project off the ground ASAP with kwikstage scaffolding hire from Triple S Scaffolding. Contact our Port Macquarie office today to organise a quote.